Insight Palestina Conference Registration Details



Insight Palestina: Images, Discourses, and the Image of Discourse

at the University of Leeds,  7 June 2012
20.45, Room 1.08, Parkinson Building

Click here to view and download the Conference programme and paper abstracts

Co-organised by Dr. Gil Pasternak (The University of Huddersfield) and Lior Libman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The University of Leeds), ‘Insight Palestina’ will focus on visual and textual images produced within, and in relation to, the circumstances of the Israel-Palestine struggle. Its aim is to explore and challenge a range of current research approaches to photographic, cinematic, documentary, literary, fine art and other media images. It will look into academic studies and patterns of interpretation which tend to solidify exclusive perceptions of politicised images.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED (If you still wish to attend the conference, please email us at

For updates please follow us here and/or on Twitter @GilPasternak

Keynote Speakers Paper Titles:

Prof. Sander Gilman: SCANDAL! Images, Discourses, and the Image of Discourse that ‘hurt people’s feelings’

Prof. Griselda Pollock: Screen Memories: Making Pasts Futures in ‘And Europe Will Be Stunned’ by Yael Bartana

Dr. Ihab Saloul: Sites and Insights: Exilic Memory and the Politics of the Anti-linear Sound-Image

Artist Talk

Yael Bartana and Sławomir Sierakowski will be in conversation with the audience about Bartana’s piece ‘And Europe Will Be Stunned’ (2011). Chaired by Prof. Griselda Pollock. This part of the event was organised in association with Artangel, who are presenting Yael Bartana’s trilogy of films at Hornsey Town Hall, London, from 22 May to 1 July 2012.

Speakers Paper Titles:

Dr. Alma Mikulinsky (University of Hong Kong): Crossing Discursive Borders: Representations of Checkpoints in Palestinian Art and Film

Dr. Simon Faulkner (Manchester Metropolitan University): Israel/Palestine and the Politics of Curiosity

Dr. Orly Shevi (Tel Aviv University): Ici et Ailleurs – Godard’s Cinematic reflections on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Lior Libman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Shadows over the Land Without Shade: The Iconisation of the Kibbutz in the 1950s as an acting-out of post-Nakba Cultural Trauma

Dr. Gil Pasternak (The University of Huddersfield): Jewish Soldiers of the Time: Ethos, Pathos and Logos in Rineke Dijkstra’s ‘Israel Portraits’

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