Brian May at the Photographic History Research Centre (PHRC)


Brian May

In May 1993 I photographed legendary Queen guitarist Brian May. At the time I worked as editorial photographer for a magazine in the Middle East. Other photojournalists were waiting that night for Axl Rose to arrive at his hotel, just before a gig. After a few long hours and nothing happening, I opted to go to the next door hotel without the others, to have a one-to-one with Brian May who was there to warm up the Guns N’ Roses’ audience. This is how I got an exclusive shot of May, a keen collector of nineteenth-century stereoscopic photographs and one of our special guest speakers this afternoon at the PHRC.

May is a passionate collector of stereo cards, an activity that led to his discovery of Diableries, a 3D view of the underworld popular throughout the 1860s. Recently May united with fellow stereoscopic experts Denis Pellerin and Paula Richardson Fleming to produce a new book: “DIABLERIES: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell”, which brings together all but two of the Diableries cards in existence. May, Pellerin and Richardson Fleming will deliver a lecture about Diableries. Book signing will follow their lecture.

(Axl Rose never showed up that night in the end!)

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