Screenings and Exhibitions


2013 Future Backgrounds, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield, UK – Exhibition Review

2007 Nature Trails, Gallery:Space at the McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park, London

2005 EAST (Catalogue), Norwich Gallery, East Anglia

2005 Food Eating, CHELSEA Space, London

2005 Tonight We Are Golden, ICA, London

2005 Signs of the Time, Gallery Infra, Sweden

2004 Bloomberg at Tate, Tate Modern Gallery, London

2004 The Social Universe. I Miss You, The Whitechapel Gallery, London

2004 The Adrian Carruthers Fund (Acme studios), Lovells, London

2004 Objective Delight, Kodeljevo Grad, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2004 Shift, Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness, England

2004 Candid Arts Trust, Candid Projection Room, London

2003 Annual Exhibition of Print, Machida Municipal Museum of Prints, Tokyo

2003 MutinyBounty (Catalogue), The FLU, Belgrade

2003 MutinyBounty (Catalogue), The Agency Contemporary, London

2003 park ‘n’ ride, S1 Artspace, Sheffield

2003 Con Ton, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London


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